Alyssa Milano Dog Walks Tomi Lahren For Her Breathtakingly Stupid Gun Take

Tomi Lahren, aka Tomaymay Lorax, aka Timbo LaRinse, aka Timothy Lolyphant, is best known for having strongly-held, poorly-reasoned opinions on every major flashpoint in the culture wars.

Her latest logic bomb was dropping the statistic that Australians now own more guns in total than they did before the introduction of tough new gun laws following the 1996 Port Arthur massacre.

Whoa slow down there, Factzilla.

According to Lahren, the fact that there are now more guns in total in Australia than there were 23 years ago but less violence is proof that guns are safe and not proof that Australia’s gun laws are working. (Or that there are simply millions more people living in Australia now.)

Luckily actor and activist Alyssa Milano was quick to set Lahren straight while also misspelling her name in the process, a great American tradition.

Twitter was also quick to chime in with some helpful advice for Timo.

h/t: Someecards