Tomi Lahren Says AOC Is Successful On Social Media But Not ‘In Real Life’

Fox Nation host and Twitter antagonizer Tomi Lahren on Thursday suggested that Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) is successful on social media, but not in “real life.”

The jab was in response to a comment made by Fox & Friends cohost Ainsley Earhardt, who dared to refer to 29-year-old Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez as “successful” while discussing AOC’s appeal and what that might mean for the Democratic party’s platform for presidential candidates.

“Don’t you think Democrats were trying to find their way, trying to find their footing, and then Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is very successful, she’s the darling of the Democratic Party and she is so far left and has these socialist ideas and then the Democrats are saying, ‘Oh, that worked for her, maybe that’s our ticket, bingo,'” asked Earhardt, before suggesting that “the left keeps going further and further left.”

“There’s a difference between being successful on Twitter and social media like Ocasio-Cortez and being relatable on social media platforms and actually being successful in real life,” Lahren replied.

The 26-year-old conservative pundit went on to say that she doesn’t believe any of the current Democratic challengers pose a threat to Trump in the 2020 election—despite recent polls showing he trails every one—unless he fails to build the wall.

Twitter quickly began to point out that unlike Tomi Lahren, who hosts a niche program on what has essentially become state television, Ocasio-Cortez is (the youngest-ever female) sitting Congresswoman.

Go easy on Tomi. She’s only just getting used to the notion of having to make her own way in the world, starting with getting out from under her parent’s health insurance plan.