Tomi Lahren Blasted For Saying College Kids Shouldn’t Complain About Tuition Costs

Tomi Lahren tweeting out something ignorant is a “day that ends in Y” type of occasion, but today she’s getting extra heat for attacking college kids who are facing a lifetime of student loan debt that is currently weighing down our economy and dimming the futures of generations. Because something something Starbucks.

It’s like her only perception of college students is what she’s seen in movies and footage from Fyre Festival.

Those of us trapped here in the realm of reality probably worked rather than traveled during their spring breaks. Even for those who were lucky enough to be able to do some traveling, all of those things listed don’t come close to the average cost of tuition for just a four-year degree. For students attending an in-state public college (the cheapest option), tuition alone runs up a bill of nearly $10,000 every year. And that does not include things like room and board or textbook costs.

As per usual, the right-wing line is that if only the poors were to save up every nickel they had drinking rainwater and eating only rice, then everything would be fine! Because if you’re poor, you don’t ever deserve the comfort of having something nice once in a while, and just because nearly every other Western nation has free college and student loan debt is choking the life out of our country doesn’t mean you should get to complain or demand anything.

Seeing as there are 45 million Americans with student loan debt dragging behind them like a giant ball and chain, Tomi was really asking for it with this tweet. And she got it.

We can’t all get jobs selling our souls on camera, Tami. This woman probably gets paid more than most doctors.