Tomi Lahren Called Border Patrol Agents Separating Families ‘Humanitarians’ And People Lit Her The F**k Up

The women of Fox News have truly outdone themselves in their efforts to conjure nonsensical justifications for the Trump administration’s cruel and inhumane immigration policies this week.

First, there was Ann Coulter, who accused the migrant children being separated from their parents and detained in youth shelters as “crisis actors” (a comparison which indicates she’s officially gone full Alex Jones, if she’s now concocting conspiracy theories involving children). Then, Laura Ingraham tried to downplay the severity of the youth shelters, claiming that they were, essentially, “summer camps.”

Now, Tomi Lahren has joined the fray, and has issued a statement warning her fans that the facts presented by reputable news publications are tantamount to “emotional blackmail,” and that the families being separated are actually “human traffickers” and “drug smugglers.”

She then insisted that the border patrol agents involved in these unsettling operations are actually “humanitarians.”

To which Twitter replied, “Yeah, but, no.”


Since Tomi is clearly in need of some clarification re: her vocabulary, the accepted definition for “humanitarian” is “a person who seeks to promote human welfare” or “a philanthropist.” (Notice, Tomi, that people who are paid to detain and separate migrant families do not really fall into either of these categories.)

Of course, Tomi wasn’t terribly concerned with her verbiage and quickly moved on to telling everyone who criticizes inhumane immigration practices that THEY are part of the problem.

Which, like, I appreciate the enthusiasm, Tomi, but A.) people are generally criticizing the Trump administration as opposed to border patrol agents (although in some cases, those individuals deserve to be criticized as well), and B.) if you’re trying to disparage an article, sharing the link with your millions of Twitter followers only helps the publisher to gain more traffic.

The more you know!