Tomi Lahren Dragged For Claiming Democrats Are Trying To Make Beto O’Rourke ‘Seem Hispanic’

Tomi Lahren – aka Tomay Larraine, aka Timone LaPumba, aka Timothy Chalalala – is known for her bold, bigoted, incorrect takes.

Did we mention bold?

The television personality’s most recent offering was the bizarre claim that Democrats and “Leftist mainstream media hacks” are going to “great lengths” to make Beto O’Rourke “seem Hispanic.”

In the Socratic tradition Lahren couched her wisdom in the form of a sarcastic question, wondering why the Democrats would attempt to obscure O’Rourke’s ethnicity “if white privilege is really a thing.”

It’s not the first time Lahren has tried to make an issue of O’Rourke’s name.

Never mind that O’Rourke himself shared a photo a year ago that proves “Beto” is a childhood nickname not some recent political calculation.

But after the hosts recent inane remarks Twitter justice was swift and true.

Now these are some spicy roasts…

Others tried to introduce some context and nuance, things Tomi hates.

Some wondered whether Tomi had the same questions for members of her party likeTed Cruz, whose real first name is “Rafael.”

Basically no one had time for Tomay’s shtick on a Wednesday.