Tomi Lahren Tried To Use Dead Soldiers To Attack NFL Protesters And Got Embarrassed By An Actual Vet

In her continuing effort to become the most dunked-on person on Twitter dot com, Tomi Lahren is up to her old shenanigans.

The excruciatingly dense Lahren clumsily invoked dead U.S. soldiers to accuse NFL players protesting police brutality and systemic racism of not being sufficiently patriotic:

“That flag and anthem represent more to some than you could ever understand,” she wrote. I’m not sure if Tomi Lahren has lost anyone who served in the military, but regardless it doesn’t confer some special status on her (or others) allowing them to demand that black Americans protest in a way that makes them feel comfortable. Of course Lahren knows that, she probably just thought the phrase “come home under that flag” was provocative and clever enough that it merited a tweet. (Reader, it didn’t.)

And that’s when Twitter came after her, first for her hypocrisy. You see, Tomi “respects” the flag so much she likes to wear it like a figure skating costume, which is technically a violation of the U.S. flag code:

Of course, the flag code isn’t enforced because the Supreme Court wisely ruled that the Constitution’s guarantee of freedom of expression overrides any weird obsession people have with the flag. (I think it was the landmark case of Facts vs. Feelings.)

Also, I’m not sure spilling a spooky Halloween cocktail on your flag costume in the spirit of “triggering libs” is quite what Betsy Ross had in mind when she was sewing the stars and stripes:

And I guess we all have to stand up and salute Tomi’s PJs or we hate America?

Anyway, I digress.

Others mocked her for invoking the troops when she didn’t serve in the military herself:

But sh*t got real when this vet absolutely obliterated her for using dead soldiers as political props:

That’s Richard Allen Smith, a veteran of Operation Enduring Freedom in Iraq, and he’s not playing Tomi’s bullsh*t “righteous patriotism” game. He’s right.

While serving in the military doesn’t give you magical first amendment superpowers, it’s also pretty gross to use dead soldiers to attack your political opponents over some unrelated issue. People who turn every political topic into questioning patriotism, respecting dead soldiers, etc. care about winning a political argument more than addressing the issues at hand. Or as Samuel Johnson said, “Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel.” Stay woke.