Tomi Lahren Dresses As Kathy Griffin For Halloween, Gets Decimated By Her On Twitter

Oh, Tomi Lahren, she sure does try. She wants so badly to be an effective troll, but she’s just not that good at it. Like, for example, how she dressed up as Kathy Griffin this year for Halloween, and then promptly got slammed so hard by the comedian she probably ended up somewhere in the middle of next week.

The conservative Fox News commentator mocked the controversial photo shoot where Griffin held up a Donald Trump mask covered in ketchup to make it look like a severed head. Lahren donned a red wig and held up a clown mask, which, if you’re trying to find a substitute for Trump, is pretty accurate.

Then she tweeted a picture of herself and tagged Griffin, writing “Trump Derangement Syndrome. Happy Halloween,” and added a little kissy face emoji.

But she was way out of her league. Griffin simply tweeted back, “Gosh you are just so original @TomiLahren. I thought images like this one incite violence! At least that’s what you and your colleagues at @FoxNews have told me for the past year and a half. I’m busy on tour right now or I’d dress up as you: a dumb, racist, and talentless hack.”

Twitter: kathygriffin

This is not the first time Lahren and Griffin have gotten into it on Twitter. Griffin has called Lahren a “dime store Barbie” and a “horrible evil woman,” both of which are technically completely true.

And after Griffin passed up the chance (that’s putting it nicely) to do an interview with Lahren, Lahren tweeted, “Thought maybe you’d like to defend and discuss your Trump Derangement Syndrome on the most-watched cable news network. Guess not! Have a nice day.”

If anyone’s got Trump Derangement Syndrome, it’s Tomi Lahren. Have a nice day, indeed.

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Written by Dean

Dean Altman is a writer living in NYC.