Tomi Lahren Mocked ‘Angry Feminists’ For Valentine’s Day So Twitter Showed Her Some Love

Like many conservative Twitter personalities, a significant portion of Tomi Lahren‘s tweets seem as though their aim is to bait, mock, and deride rather than present any sort of informed political commentary or thoughtful argument.

Valentine’s Day was no exception. Lahren commemorated the holiday by lashing out at feminists in a tweet implying we are all angry and lonely, de facto labeling herself as someone who wants to have less rights than men because she was born with a vagina.

The self-hatred is palpable, Tammy. There are other methods of getting attention besides labeling yourself a woman hater!!! This is a sad way to announce you have no plans on account of being the literal worst.

The conservative pundit’s baiting tweet did its job.

Feminists chimed in to let Tony know that gender equality and loving relationships are not mutually exclusive concepts.

Yeah, Tanya Lasagna. What did YOU get? Can’t you just say “Happy Valentine’s Day” like a goddamn normal human being?

h/t Twitter