Trump Supporters Freak Out At Tomi Lahren Over Border Wall Failure

Is there anything more heart-warming than right-wingers eating their own?

The most recent bout of conservative infighting was prompted by Trump’s capitulation on his promised border wall. Instead of the 5 billion dollars in funding for a big, beautiful wall that Trump demanded at length and even shut down the government in order to get, according to new reports the president has backed down and settled for some $1.3 billion in funding for 50ish miles of additional fencing as well as drones and other security measures.

It’s actually less money than he would have gotten for border security before his whole shutdown gambit.

As a result the right is now splintering between those who see this as a massive defeat for Trump’s agenda, and those who insist, against all evidence, that this is actually a huge win despite being not at all what Trump wanted.

Tomay LaRue (stage name Tomi Lahren) is in the former category, calling the compromise a “sham border deal” and predicting that Trump will be toast in 2020 if he accepts.

This is almost as good as Ann Coulter regularly roasting the President as a huge weenie.

In response to her criticism of Trump on Twitter, Timo Laramie was blasted by head-in-the-sand MAGA die hards who claim that Trump is still winning, that Mexico will pay, and, above all, that the wall IS BEING BUILT.

And of course there were plenty of regular dunks from people who think Tammy Lawrence is a joke.



h/t: RawStory

Photo: Gage Skidmore