Tomi Lahren Ripped For Using Nazi Tactics To Attack Migrant Caravan

Tomi Lahren made the unfortunate decision of getting on camera again yesterday, this time to go on an alarmist rant about all the “diseases” that the people in the migrant caravan have. This includes four whole cases of chicken pox, some bugs in people’s hair, colds, and a significantly lower rate of what Tomi calls “HIV AIDS” than the general population of the U.S.

Does Tomi know the difference between HIV and AIDS? Does she know what they are at all? It’s questionable.

“Out of 6,000 migrants currently living in the city, over a third of them are being treated for health-related issues,” Tomi haughtily declares in the Fox Nation video. Hey, Tomi, you’d seek treatment too if you had to walk all the way across Mexico with your kids in order to escape U.S. War on Drugs-related gang violence. Maybe you should seek treatment now? Just a thought.

Chickenpox is already in our schools, of course, and all the other illnesses she mentions are in our communities, often at much higher rates than those listed in a group of people who are exhausted and often not properly fed.

Tomi goes on to list the supposedly terrifying ailments affecting the migrants, who will definitely come straight to your front door to cough in your face.

“There are three confirmed cases of tuberculosis, four cases of HIV AIDS, and four separate cases of chickenpox,” she says. “Oh, and over 100 migrants have lice and multiple instances of skin infections.”

As we all know, lice and skin infections are the leading cause of death for, let me check my notes here, nobody. Nobody has died of lice, and skin infections are not actually contagious.

Twitter users have been quick to point out that Tomi is, yet again, acting like a Nazi.

This kind of rhetoric is out of Tomi Lahren is far from new, which is probably why she’s been dubbed White Power Barbie. From her comparing the Black Lives Matter movement to the KKK to calling border agents taking children from their parents and throwing them into cages “humanitarians” to her recent celebrating of similar children being gassed, she has already earned her title.