Tomi Lahren Went After Cardi B This Morning And It Didn’t End Well

Everyone’s favorite angry bobblehead Tomi Lahren – also known as Tammy Larraine, TamTam Larynx, and Tomay LaRouche – took at shot at Cardi B this morning and it did not end well for her.

After recently making a widely-seen video in which she criticized the ongoing government shutdown, Cardi B took to Instagram on Saturday to politely suggest that Trump supporters put their wall money where their mouth is and go without pay during the shutdown like hundreds of thousands of federal workers have been doing for weeks.

Apparently in response to Cardi B’s video, Lahren fired off a sarcastic tweet calling Cardi B “the latest genius political mind to endorse the Democrats. HA!”.

As you might have guessed Cardi B didn’t take the barb lying down, responding in blunt and brutal fashion, saying: “I will dog walk you.”

Cardi expounded on her burn to explain the real issues with Tomi and her ilk.

It was abundantly clear who’d won the exchange.

Needless to say the internet’s support for Cardi flowed strongly and  much clowning on Timay followed.

h/t: The Root