Tomi Lahren’s Racist Whole Foods Immigration Analogy Has All Of Twitter Calling Her Ten Kinds Of Stupid

Fox News host Tomi Lahren has got a strong stance on immigration and she wants the world to know. Monday afternoon, the controversial conservative tweeted out a thinly veiled liberal own in the form of a “game” suggestion. Lahren’s message, confusingly enough, consisted of a Whole Foods immigration analogy:

“Let’s play a game!” wrote Lahren. “Go to Whole Foods, pick a liberal (not hard to identify), cut them in line along with 10-15 of your family members, then take their food. When they throw a tantrum, remind them of their special affinity for illegal immigration. Have fun!”

Lahren’s argument is so convoluted it’s hard to figure out where to begin unpacking it. For one, it goes without saying that an illegal immigrant is far more likely to have picked the carrots in your shopping basket than he/she is to take those carrots away from you — even if “carrots” here means money and government benefits. Countless studies have shown that illegal immigrants contribute billions annually in state and city taxes, all while living in constant fear and without the advantages of citizenship.

If Lahren’s analogy confused you, don’t worry — you aren’t alone. Many had trouble understanding what point exactly the Fox News host was struggling to make.

Twitter trolled her instantly for what thinking her racist tweet was an epic liberal burn.

Naturally, many on Twitter found the tweet offensive. Some turned the tweet’s “game” format back around on Lahren:

Walter Schaub, former head of the Office of Government Ethics, had a savage comeback of his own:


Maybe instead of talking about Whole Foods Ms. Lahren can try becoming a Whole Person?