The Top 21 Most Spectacularly Stupid Trump Moments of 2018

It’s finally almost the end of 2018, the year that has lasted a thousand years. In addition to absolutely obliterating the record for most lies by a sitting president, he has also generally done an incredible amount of stupid things. Whether he’s randomly wandering off again like a particularly slow toddler or going on Twitter to make himself look even worse than his own actions, he could not stop doing stupid things.

You have no idea how many stupid things there were to wade through in order to make this list. It doesn’t even include all the times he misspelled words on Twitter or was overall incomprehensible and crazy. You’re welcome.

21. Posing for a photo of himself signing a blank piece of paper

Before the partial government shutdown started, Trump decided to prove to everybody just how hard he was working by posing with a stack of “bills” and signing one himself. Only, the “bill” he was posing over with a pen was actually, and clearly, a blank piece of paper. Why even bother?

20. When he wandered off stage yet again and his handlers had to go get him

This happens at least once every couple of months, but this month’s incident at the G20 summit was particularly awkward. G20 is literally an event for the world’s top leaders, and he embarrassed himself and his country by randomly shaking Argentinian President Mauricio Macri’s hand and then wandering off stage while his handlers ran after him and everybody else laughed. As a bonus, he can be heard muttering “get me out of here” into his mic, which was on.

19. Claiming that he meant to say the exact opposite of what he said on Russia

It’s hard to get riled up about Trump’s lies anymore, but this one was extra ridiculous. Remember when he said that he said “would” when he meant to say “wouldn’t” in order to walk back his statement that he did not believe Russia interfered in the 2016 election? Yeah, sure, you meant the exact opposite of what you said after everyone blew up at you.

18. When he accidentally showed his “how to fake empathy” notes to the camera

Trump was generally awful to school shooting victims this year, demonstrating that his capacity for empathy is non-existent. Still, he went ahead and confirmed the obvious for everyone while doing his unhappy slouch during a “listening session” with the families of the Parkland mass shooting victims. While sitting there looking like he’s doing anything but listening, he accidentally showed the camera his empathy cheat sheet. Yes, he needed someone to write down the words “I hear you” for him in order to help convince people that he’s an actual human being.

17. Canceling his WWI cemetery visit due to rain, then lying about it

It’s bad enough to cancel a Veteran’s Day visit to a WWI cemetery because you don’t want to get your nasty hair wet. Trying to claim that the Secret Service controls your every movement as President as an excuse is not only stupid, but an insult to veterans both living and dead.

16. When he had ONE JOB and walked in front of the Queen of England anyway

All he had to do was walk next to the Queen of England, not in front of her, and he couldn’t even get that right.

15. The time that the entire U.N. laughed in his face

There was a zero percent chance that Trump’s speech to the United Nations was going to go well, and I’m sure they knew that. But it got pretty bad when he claimed that “My administration has accomplished more than almost any administration in the history of our country” and the entire assembly just laughed in his face. Trump managed to make the moment even stupider by saying that he “didn’t expect that reaction.” Really? You were the one who said the world was laughing at us.

14. The time he couldn’t figure out how to call Mexico

Remember when Trump made a big deal about calling the President of Mexico by bringing the press to the Oval Office, and then he couldn’t get President Enrique Pena Nieto on the phone? Oh, Trump, what made you think that you knew how to use a phone for anything but tweeting?

13. Claiming that Democrats “change shirts and vote twice”

It would be hard to find anything in existence that has a lower fraud rate than Americans voting. Sure, Russia may have hacked into or tampered with our voting machines and Republicans were caught pulling all kinds of shenanigans during the midterms, but people voting twice on purpose is as rare as Trump saying something intelligent. That didn’t stop Trump from making the completely unsubstantiated claim that our voting system is so bad that you can just change your shirt and go vote again without anybody noticing. This was basically an admission that Trump doesn’t know how our voting system works at all.

12. Getting caught doing an incredibly inappropriate fist pump on his way to the 9/11 memorial

If there’s one thing that any politician, no matter how inept, can do, it’s capitalize on the 9/11 terrorist attack. All he had to do was walk over to the memorial and look solemn. Instead, he did a fist pump that embarrassed himself and the entire world, honestly. Even actual anti-America terrorists probably cringed at the sight of that.

11. Claiming that you need an ID to buy groceries

We all knew that Donald Trump was out of touch, having been born with a silver spoon in his tiny hand. But this proved that the man hasn’t even shopped for his own groceries before. Sad.