Trans Twitter Users Are Roasting These Bizarrely Transphobic Pizza Bathroom Signs

Are you a pizza slice or a full pizza pie missing a piece? If you’re a woman that needs to use the bathroom, you need to choose the former. Men pick the latter.

This isn’t a joke, by the way. Apparently, there’s a real bathroom out there in the world that designates “F” for “female” as a full pie without a slice, and “M” for men that are just a sole slice of pizza waiting to fill the whole pie. Suffice to say, trans Twitter isn’t having it.

“What kind of cis bullshit again,” Twitter user @transguykeith tweeted Sunday morning, sharing the two bathroom signs. He’s since landed more than 400 retweets and 2,000 likes. The Daily Dot reached out to @transguykeith to get his take on the bathroom kerfuffle.

It’s unclear where these signs are located, but it didn’t take long for the roasting to begin. For one, the pizza pie/pizza slice metaphor here implies that women “receive” a man’s pizza slice, which is a pun based on penis-in-vagina sex. In other words, women are seventh-eighths of a full pizza pie that needs to be completed by a man, which is pretty heteronormative. What if a female pizza pie is perfectly fine sitting side-by-side with another female pizza?

Not just that, but the two signs are pretty cisnormative, too. Both signs imply that women have vaginas and men have penises, which just isn’t true. Plenty of trans women have penises, and plenty of trans men have vaginas. To suggest anything else is to suggest trans men and women aren’t real. And this doesn’t even include representation for nonbinary people. What kind of pizza are they—a pizza roll, maybe?

Clearly, whoever put up these pizza signs didn’t think all of this through.

The pizza-penis puns practically penned themselves.

The moral of this story, of course, is that customers should date women for more pizza.

In the end, all of us deserve a full pizza pie, whether you have sausage, avocado, or something else stuffed into your crust.

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