Trump Posts Incoherent 2020 Video Featuring A Bunch Of Weird Celebrity Cameos

President Trump hasn’t been many of his rambling “old guy yelling on the White House lawn” videos since former Fox News president Bill Shine left the communications team, but he’s still tweeting videos. The latest is an incoherent propaganda short featuring a number of celebrities for some reason.

Trump tweeted the video, set to a clip of the score from Christopher Nolan’s Batman film The Dark Knight, and it’s pretty effing weird.

The video opens with shots of Trump’s political opponents, including President Obama and Hillary Clinton, and includes title cards in a cinematic font. In sequence, the first cards read “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they call you racist.” After a series of other clips, a card reading “Donald J. Trump” is displayed followed by a series of celebrities. The next cards read “Your vote” / “proved them all wrong.” The video ends with a campaign-style card reading “Trump” and “the great victory” which gets slammed into by a giant “2020.” (Yeah, it’s bizarre.)

The celebrity cameos are the weirdest part of the video. There’s Trump foe Rosie O’Donnell:

Bryan Cranston for some reason:


And Amy Schumer:


Trump also gives a shoutout to some of his favorite strongmen, Kim Jong Un and Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro:

Twitter didn’t waste any time dunking on the bizarre video:

(It’s unclear if any taxpayer money was spent or if this was paid for by the Trump campaign.)

Some people are questioning whether Trump’s use of The Dark Knight theme is a copyright violation. Other videos Trump has posted with unlicensed music have been removed in the past.

MAGA land is a very weird place, and I wish our president didn’t keep forcing us to visit.

h/t: Mediaite