Trump Admin Blows $54k On Tents For Mar-A-Lago New Year’s Bash As Shutdown Grinds On

Nero fiddled while Rome burned…

As the government shutdown that Trump promised us grinds merrily on through the holiday season it hasn’t stopped Tump from planning a New Year’s Eve bash at his swamp palace, Mar-a-Lago, and from passing the cost along to the American taxpayer.

Trump’s practice of holding official events at his own properties has always been unseemly and is basically a form of embezzlement but it’s even more galling during a government shutdown that has left hundreds of thousands of federal employees waiting for their paychecks.

Meanwhile Trump is racking up charges for his New Year’s Eve shindig and according to the Huffington Post, citing government spending records, a whopping $54,000 has already been spent for the party on Secret Service tents alone.

Apparently the Secret Service wouldn’t need all those pricey tents, which again get rented on the taxypayer’s dime, if it weren’t for all the VIPs that Trump has apparently invited to his Shutdown Party.

According to the Huffington Post:

Grimes Events & Party Tents Inc. of Delray Beach, Florida, was paid $54,020 on Dec. 19 by the Secret Service for “Tent Rental for MAL,” according to spending records revealed by Quartz. The Secret Service often uses tents for security checks and safe spots for VIPs.

In summary: Trump is holding the government hostage, causing a shutdown that has left hundreds of thousands of people without paychecks all so that he can get $5 billion for his precious wall.

Now not only is he causing working people to go unpaid, he’s also using their tax money to facilitate his fancy, Illuminatiesque get-togethers.

It would be shocking if it wasn’t so true to form.

h/t: Huffington Post