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Someone Gave The Entire Trump Administration ‘Makeovers’ And I’m Gasping For Air

The Trump administration is a “who’s who” of truly shameless sycophants, dangerous white supremacists, and the ridiculously incompetent. They’re so terrible, former presidential aides are having difficulty finding employment after their stint in the worst White House in memory. And that makes sense. After all, they were hired because of their slavish love for “Mr. Trump” and their related indifference to common decency and the norms of American politics. Blessedly, one fantastic artist has stepped up to photoshop these ghouls as the ridiculous children they are.

Matt Johnson (AKA @HotPockets4All) has been keeping busy lately, photoshopping hilarious retro portraits of Trump administration officials that make them look exactly as ridiculous as they are. Here’s a rare photo of White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders not telling a lie:

1. And here’s Kellyanne Conway living her best life:

2. I think we can all agree that white supremacist and architect of Trump’s child internment policy, Stephen Miller, looks better with hair:

3. Former White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci seems like his best days are past him, especially those 11 days he served in the role:

4. And former Press Secretary Sean Spicer has the greatest haircut in the history of haircuts. Period.

5. Here’s Vice President Pence, who once tweeted “there’s nothing better for the inside of a man than the outside of a horse” cheating on Mother:

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6. At least white supremacist Steve Bannon found a new gig as the world’s most disgustingly racist clown:

7. And Trump’s cabinet got the awkward photoshop treatment as well. Here’s HUD Secretary Ben Carson as Urkel:

8. Attorney General Jeff Sessions looks pleased as peach pie with his new ‘do:

9. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos looks a little less than thrilled though:

10. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin finally has the look he deserves:

11. And fired EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt is smoldering like an unregulated tire fire:

But he saved the best for Trump’s immediate family.