Trump Is Freaking Out On Twitter Over Russia Story And Everyone Is Making Fun Of Him

Just when you think a day will go by without some insane new revelation in the Trump-Russia story the universe spits in your borscht and says “nyet.”

Thanks to Donald Trump’s former personal lawyer Michael Cohen turning on his master and making a deal with the FBI this week we now know that Trump was in contact with Russia about possibly building a Trump Tower in Moscow longer than was previously known during the 2016 presidential campaign.

The latest twist in the tale is the news that the proposed project may have included a penthouse suite for Vladimir Putin himself worth some 50 million dollars.

According to CNN the Trump camp considered offering Putin the penthouse suite in their proposed hotel as a “marketing ploy” to attract other buyers. It’s worth noting that Trump is on record saying “I HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH RUSSIA!

Likely due to Cohen’s most recent flip Trump has been freaking out on Twitter even more than usual while at the G-20 summit in Argentina and tweeted the following admission, saying that he had “lightly” considered building in Russia while also calling his business dealings “very legal & very cool” which is just…funny as hell actually.

Ok this one is gold:

Sounds almost like some light treason.

Light Treason

h/t BuzzFeed News

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