Trump Admits His Own Immigration Plan Is ‘Sick’ At Sweaty Rally

This guy.

Donald Trump loves a good rally. Despite the fact that he’s already president every once in a while he just needs the affirmation that comes with thousands of nimrods in cherry red hats hooting over his every sour word.

And of course it’s now become an annual tradition for Trump to hold a rally to distract from his cowardly choice to duck out of the White House Correspondent’s Dinner for the third year running.

No instead of letting people make jokes about him and hurt his brittle feelings Trump prefers to bask in the adulation of his followers and entertain them with his own insult comic routine in which the targets are Democrats and immigrants.

His latest one-liner came at a rally in Wisconsin on Saturday when Trump referenced his administration’s plan to transport undocumented immigrants to sanctuary cities, proudly taking credit for what he called his “sick idea.”

“Last month alone 100,000 illegal immigrants arrived at our borders placing a massive strain on communities, and schools, and hospitals and public resources like nobody has ever seen before.

Now we’re sending many of them to sanctuary cities…thank you very much. They’re not too happy about it. I’m proud to tell you that was actually my sick idea.”

Trump also used the rally to make some deranged claims about abortion, tear into his Democratic presidential rivals with his dopey list of nicknames, and to refer to former FBI officials as “scum” because he’s just that kind of guy.

h/t: HuffPost