Trump Advisor Claims TSA Agents Blamed Shutdown On Democrats, No One Believes Her

Trump advisor Katrina Pierson posted a little story on Twitter the other day, and people are skeptical, to say the least. She wrote on Tuesday that while going through a TSA checkpoint at the DFW airport, the man in front of her in line apologized to the five TSA agents in the area for the government shutdown, saying “Congress could end this tomorrow.” Pierson then claimed, and this is the fun part, that all five agents said the same entire sentence almost in unison: “Yes – but the Democrats are all on a beach in Puerto Rico.”

The idea that Democrats are all partying big time in Puerto Rico has been spread by Republicans and various conservative pundits in spite of it being completely untrue. Some Democrats did go to Puerto Rico to attend an event organized by the Congressional Hispanic Caucus to assess the ongoing crisis in the U.S. territory caused by Hurricane Maria and to raise funds to rebuild and help those who lost their homes and businesses to the storm. It was planned three months prior to the shutdown.

There is no evidence that this trip was 100 percent partying, and even if some of them did manage to have a little fun while they were there, the Democrat-controlled House has still managed to vote to end the shutdown eight times.

This is not to say that it’s impossible that five TSA agents could believe the lie that all the Democrats in the country are working on their tan and happen to congregate in the same area. However, the general sentiment about Pierson’s story is that might be a tad exaggerated.

It doesn’t help that Pierson has gained a reputation for being almost as much of a chronic liar as Trump. She was caught on tape admitting that Trump used the n-word to describe black people when she had previously claimed he never did. She then said she was lying in the recording because she wanted to “move the discussion along.” Either way, she’s a liar.

Plus, the odds that five people would all jump to say nearly the same thing are astronomical. Or it means that the DFW TSA agents have been brainwashed. Has anyone checked on them lately?

Twitter’s been too busy taking “things that never happened” for 500, Alex.

That last one. That is definitely what happened.