BREAKING: Former Trump Aide Has Media Meltdown, Says Trump ‘May Have Done Something During The Election’

Donald Trump always hires the best people, right? There was the wife-beater, the nazi wife-beater, the corrupt national security advisor, the corrupt, fraudulent campaign manager… ugh, there are WAY too many to go through. Anyway, one of the “best” people he fired during the campaign was his longtime aide Sam Nunberg, who recently received a subpoena from Robert Mueller and decided the best course of action was an unhinged media blitz.

Former Trump campaign aide and current Mueller subpoena target Sam Nunberg called in to MSNBC’s Katy Tur today for a bizarre interview where he basically dared Robert Mueller to arrest him.

Here’s the full transcript of the interview, thanks to New York Times reporter Sopan Deb:


Nunberg has been subpoenaed in the Mueller investigation and has refused to answer any questions or turn over any documents, which he’s legally bound to do. In an interview with the Washington Post, he threatened to rip up the subpoena on television which probably would have been slightly less stupid than his current strategy of shooting his mouth off.

But Nunberg wasn’t done there, he then picked up the phone and called CNN’s Gloria Borger for a similar on-air dish sesh:

Then he again called in to CNN to chat with Jake Tapper:

Where he at least implicated fellow Trump aide Carter Page in collusion with Russia:

Needless to say, this insane strategy of cold calling reporters to vomit stream-of-consciousness on-air without legal counsel probably won’t end well.

Nunberg is a protegé of Trump advisor (and former Nixon dirty tricks troll) Roger Stone, who’s already admitted to communicating with Julian Assange (Wikileaks), and a Russian hacker during the campaign. Additionally, Stone seems to have had prior notice that a cache of emails had been stolen from Clinton campaign advisor John Podesta and were going to be released, which they later were.

It’s not clear why Mueller is interested in Nunberg’s emails, but the Special Counsel’s recent activity suggests he’s targeting Trump on a number of fronts.

Nunberg was fired early in the campaign when a series of racist Facebook posts came to light. He’s expressed frustration with his firing in the past, but has remained loyal to Roger Stone. This media blitz seems to be straight out of the Roger Stone playbook of being unnecessarily confrontational with absolutely nothing to back it up.

If he’s seriously harboring some doubt that Mueller is going to enforce his subpoena then he’s in for a rude awakening. If you recall, in what was perceived as a shot across the bow, Mueller had FBI agents conduct a pre-dawn “no knock” raid at Manafort’s home and Manafort was claiming to be cooperating with Mueller’s subpoenas. There’s no telling how Mueller’s going to react to Nunberg’s bizarre cable news carpet bombing, but he’s got plenty of tools at his disposal to make Nunberg’s life very difficult.