Trump’s Latest Anti-Immigrant Talking Points Appear Lifted From A Movie

President Donald Trump has brought up a story about women being brought across the border from Mexico a few times recently. In his telling of events, the women are bound with tape, with tape also covering their mouths, so they “can’t even breathe.” While everyone agrees that the practice of sex trafficking does occur, and is definitely terrible, no one seems to know just what, specifically, Trump is talking about. What’s this about tape?

On her show, Rachel Maddow posited that Trump could have gotten these details from a movie called SicarioDay of the SoldadoThe movie, which is total fiction, includes details like women being taped up. It also includes a scene with Muslim prayer rugs at the southern border, another thing that Trump has brought up in a tweet that has confused people.

Maddow explained, “Now in any normal administration, it would be insane to suggest…even joke about the president of the United States seeing stuff in a movie…and maybe thinking it was real—or at least real enough to justify an actual military deployment of thousands of active duty U.S. troops to the border.”

Vox reported on Saturday that a Customs and Border Protection official sent an email out after the president made the claims which asked agents to immediately send “any information” about taped women. So it seems they know nothing about it, despite the fact that, according to HuffPo, Trump mentioned the same story about the taped women 22 times in 10 days.

The same HuffPo article states that the Washington Post reached out to women who’d been trafficked, immigration organizations, and border personnel, but were unable to find even one example of what Trump has spoken about.

One Twitter user posted a few clips from Sicario: Day of the Soldado that reflect the claims the president has made in real life.

There are women taped in the back of a van.

And at one point, their mouths are covered with duct tape.

And here are the Muslim prayer rugs the President spoke of.

The movie even has the cars Trump spoke about, the ones that were apparently better than the ones the border agents have.

So it really does seem like Trump got his information from the movie. The question is is the President of the United States either confusing a movie with reality or is he just straight up lying?

h/t: Huffington Post


Written by Dean

Dean Altman is a writer living in NYC.