Trump At Serious Risk Of Heart Attack According To Cheney’s Cardiologist

President Trump’s terrible diet of fast food, soft drinks, and overcooked steaks has been well-documented

And despite previous boasts from Trump and his personal doctors that he’s the healthiest senior citizen in the known universe [the X year old Trump has numerous markers of poor health, including his weight. In fact, Trump’s recent physical revealed that the Commander in Chief is clinically obese.

Now, according to RawStory, Dick Cheney’s cardiologist Jonathan Reiner has weighed on Trump’s health, telling Erin Burnett that, by his estimation, Trump was in danger of having a “serious cardiovascular event.”

Reiner called for an independent panel to review the president’s health.

Noting that Trump’s doctors were in a difficult position due to being his subordinates, Reiner said:

“I think the time is now to create an independent panel to assess the fitness of the president.”

Asked why he was concerned about Trump’s health, Reiner said:

“He’s not moving in the right direction. The president’s weight has gone up, his cholesterol really hasn’t gone down very much. We know that he has coronary disease, we know that from his CAT scan last year and he’s on a train going to a destination that he does not want to arrive at.

If you don’t treat these risk factors, like high cholesterol, you don’t reduce elevated weight, and you don’t do exercise, you’re really increasing your risk of having a heart attack. I calculated the president’s risk of having a serious cardiovascular event, like a heart attack, over the next ten years, and it’s 17%.”

When Burnett asks Reiner “And that’s high?” he responds:

“That’s super high.”

Reiner says Trump should adopt a healthier diet and start exercising and when Dick Cheney’s heart doctor weighs in, you listen. After all Cheney is almost as well-known for his many cardiac issues as he is for getting us embroiled in a disastrous war under false pretenses or shooting that guy in the face and then making him apologize.

h/t: RawStory

Photo: White House Flickr