Trump Attacks SNL Over National Emergency Jokes, Calls For ‘Retribution’

Donald Trump may claim to be the healthiest and most hard-working president in American history but while those assertions are obvious lies, he can certainly claim the title of most thin-skinned president ever.

Amazingly our hard-working president has time to golf constantly and to watch endless hours of cable TV, even tuning in religiously to a program he claims to hate: Saturday Night Live.

As such, the morning-after-SNL freakout is becoming a staple of his administration. And today was no different.

After Saturday’s show featured another cold open with Alec Baldwin portraying the president, Trump took to Twitter to rage against SNL and “Fake News NBC!” but went beyond his professed dislike of the program to imply that a comedy show should face “retribution” for, uh, doing comedy.

He also called comedians making fun of him “collusion” because who cares about words or what they mean.

As if the fascistic overtones weren’t clear enough Trump then doubled down with a follow-up tweet, screaming in all-caps: “THE RIGGED AND CORRUPT MEDIA IS THE ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE!”


While Trump’s toddler tantrums are entertaining in their absurdity people were quick to point out the chilling implication of a president who wants to silence comedians and the press.