Trump Autographed Bibles For Tornado Survivors And Everyone’s Roasting Him For It

Today, President Trump visited the survivors of the recent tornadoes in Alabama that killed more than 20 people earlier this week. While he refrained from chucking paper towel rolls at those in need, he still managed to do something wildly offensive.

President Trump autographed bibles for fans during his Alabama visit, which is a pretty effing weird thing for anyone to do, let alone the president of the United States.

From a photo taken at the event, it looks like Trump signed the covers and not any of the commandments he’s broken:

Obviously, Trump got roasted for this bizarre and unpresidential behavior:

People were concerned Trump was claiming authorship:

Then there were jokes about The Art of the Deal, Trump’s ghostwritten autobiography he brags is his favorite book besides the Bible:

And jokes about blasphemy:

And just plain jokes:

Of course people couldn’t help but imagine the Fox News implosion that would happen if Obama had done the same thing:

Bibles aren’t even the weirdest things Trump has autographed. He’s signed his supporters:

Photos of deceased crime victims:

His signature can also be seen on the hush money checks he paid to Stormy Daniels:

Not to mention this photo taken with the founder of the Asian spa where Trump’s friend Bob Kraft got busted for soliciting sex: