Trump Blames Hillary Clinton For Michael Cohen’s Testimony In Morning Twitter Meltdown

President Trump was busy boosting North Korean Dictator Kim Jong Un in Vietnam when Michael Cohen gave his testimony to the House Oversight Committee, but he’s back now and already having a normal one on Twitter.

In his usual post-bombshell meltdown, Trump pointed to a manuscript Michael Cohen was shopping around before being raided by the FBI and claiming it makes Cohen’s recent testimony a “lie.”

According to Daily Beast, Cohen’s book was titled Trump Revolution: From The Tower to The White House, Understanding Donald J. Trump and was being pitched to publishers as a kind of rebuttal to Michael Wolff’s Fire and Fury.

While Trump is trying to make the case that the nice things Cohen allegedly says about him in the 2018 manuscript are some kind of smoking gun proving his recent testimony was a lie, that… doesn’t make sense.

Cohen was saying plenty of nice things about Trump, right up until federal prosecutors charged him with violating campaign finance laws at Trump’s behest. And Trump was saying nice things about Cohen too, calling him a “good man.”

It’s not a crime to lie in a book, and it is a crime to lie to Congress (as Michael Cohen knows, having done that before).

Trump continued his Twitter tirade with one of his trademark typo-ridden self-dialogues.

He then added a layer of conspiracy theory on top, suggesting (with no evidence, obviously) that Hillary Clinton was footing the bill for Cohen’s legacy defense:

In other news, longtime Trump Organization CFO Andrew Weisselberg is expected to be subpoenaed by the House Democrats. According to Axios, House Democrats are gearing up to subpoena members of Trump’s family too.

h/t: Daily Beast, Axios