20 Of The Best Jokes Roasting Trump’s Hilariously Awful ‘Border Wall’ Design

This evening, President Trump took a break from his continued shutdown threat (no mere hours away from being an actual shutdown) to let everyone know what this whole manufactured crisis was really all about—a “totally effective” fence which is “at the same time beautiful”:

I mean, when you put it THAT way, who could say no? And the picture is breathtaking—just look at that intricate detail! While I’ve retired from trying to figure out what goes on inside Trump’s feeble mind, it’s pretty funny to imagine him thinking lawmakers were opposed to funding “the wall” (along with 60% of Americans at last count) because they just couldn’t picture what it would look like.

Why else would he bless us with such a magnificent photo-realistic representation of what REAL security looks like? And on the eve of a government shutdown, no less! I can hear him directing the whole thing now, sending back draft after draft to whichever White House intern was dumb enough to say they were “proficient in Photoshop” on they application.

“Make the fence taller!”

“I didn’t say make the car smaller, I said MAKE THE FENCE TALLER!”

Twitter had a field day, ridiculing the, uh, “innovative” design:

Plenty of people pointed out the scale was WAY WAY off, making the design totally ineffective:

Others decided to ~enhance~ the spikes on the image:


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