Border Official Shows Trump How Tunnels Go Under Walls

Trump visited the U.S.-Mexico border yesterday, had a little tour, did some photo-ops, and gave a truly mind-boggling speech meditating on the merits of wheels and walls and other things he’s seen recently. He also got a little tutorial from U.S. Customs and Border Patrol about some of the drawbacks of “the wall.”

Trump was treated to a presentation by U.S. Customs and Border Patrol about existing border barriers and—whoops!—who put that tunnel there?

“This is just a couple miles from here,” Customs and Border Patrol agent Melissa Lucio says. “This is a tunnel. This is the second tunnel that—recently—that we have located. This is an area where we actually have wall.”

Uh-oh! Looks like tunnel beats wall (just like ladder beats wall and saw beats wall). Obviously, the “tunnel flaw” in the whole “wall as a silver bullet” plan is something Democrats have been pointing out for a while. Maybe it’ll finally sink in now that Trump has seen pictures.

Some people have pointed out that existing fencing doesn’t include “anti-tunnel” mechanisms (whatever that means) and that whatever barrier gets constructed would definitely have that (although it’s unclear what it would cost, both to install and maintain).

GOP Rep. Dan Crenshaw, who’s been wondering why we’re having a simplistic debate about “the wall” instead of some kind of the nuanced policy discussion (hint: ask the guy who starts the chants), would like you to know that, while walls are not perfect (WHAT!?), they would slow people down.

(Crenshaw also seems to have some convenient amnesia, because he tweeted that the shutdown that started when Republicans controlled the House would not have happened if… Republicans controlled the House.)

Of course, that’s not the debate we’re having because the policy goal of slowing undocumented immigration is not what Trump and the rest of the GOP want to achieve. They want “the wall” which we are told we need to “secure the border” because there is a “crisis” and we “don’t have a country.” Any objection to “the wall” is advocating for “open borders.”

If the Republican position was that undocumented immigration should be slowed down, guess what? We did it! Take a look at the data:

Now let’s go ahead and celebrate this policy victory by—I don’t know—opening up the damn government?

h/t: CNN