Trump Goes On Childish Twitter Rant About Ann Coulter

For a guy who spends so much time golfing you’d think Donald Trump would be more relaxed.

Instead he spent his Saturday rage-tweeting about conservative author and media troll Ann Coulter, calling her a “Wacky Nut Job” and claiming that, despite not getting the necessary funding, “major sections” of his promised border wall “are being built.”

He also ranted about “Far Left Radicals” and cowards in his own party who are “sadly unwilling to fight” before patting himself all over the back for “stopping an invasion” from Mexico through his efforts.

It’s unclear exactly what Trump was reacting to. Perhaps someone on Fox & Friends mentioned Coulter’s doubts about his non-existent wall or perhaps he’s still have rage reflux from the last time Coulter insulted him, which she now does quite regularly since admitting that she was “very stupid” for ever supporting him.

Regardless of what set him off the Baby President’s meltdown was a joy to behold.

Like an ugly car accident people just couldn’t look away.