Trump Comments On Covington Catholic Incident, Misspells Boy’s Name

Donald Trump has weighed in on the incident in Washington D.C. Saturday in which a crowd of MAGA hat-wearing teenage boys from Covington Catholic High School surrounded and mocked a group of Native Americans, including an elderly veteran. With conservatives and some moderates claiming that the longer version of the video and Nick Sandmann’s dubious account of the events somehow prove that early reporting was misleading, there’s no way Trump could resist sounding the trumpet of “fake news.”

Notably, Trump misspelled the name of the boy he was trying to defend. Nick’s last name is Sandmann, not Sandman, which is a relief. Nobody wants to be put to sleep by that face. It’s unclear what he means by “making big comeback.”

Trump references Tucker Carlson in his defense of the racist kids, which is appropriate considering the fact that Carlson has openly used rhetoric popularized by white supremacist groups, including promoting the idea that a “white genocide” is coming. Carlson also once mocked Mitt Romney for calling out Trump on his refusal to condemn the KKK.

Regardless of mounting evidence of Covington Catholic’s past racism and a new video possibly showing the same kids harassing women not long before the incident with the Native American group happened, conservatives are pushing the narrative of “fake news” hard. Those without the same agenda have viewed the full footage of the incident with Nathan Phillips and the Black Israelites and come to the conclusion that the full context makes the Covington Catholic boys look even worse. Others have pointed out that regardless of any baiting by nearby religious extremists, there is no denying the racism and lack of respect in the boys’ actions.

Others are pointing out that Trump’s statement could put him in the Hypocrisy Hall of Fame.

And still others wish he would just get back to work and end the longest ever government shutdown.

The current government shutdown has gone on for 31 days. Tired yet?