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The Bigot Trump Just Congratulated On His Primary Win Is Truly Disgusting

As even the mildest GOP Trump critics lose their primaries, the transformation of the Republican Party into a paranoid, racist personality cult is all but complete.

Meet Corey Stewart, he was chairman of Donald Trump’s campaign in Virginia, until getting fired for holding a whiny rally attacking the RNC for not being supportive enough to the fragile presidential candidate:


Stewart is a neo-Confederate politician originally from Minnesota who moved to Virginia and embraced the racist “heritage” of those who rebelled against the United States during the Civil War.

Stewart ran a racist-as-hell primary campaign for the 2017 GOP nomination for VA governor and shocked the party establishment by nearly beating Ed Gillespie. It was a clear indication that the deep-rooted rot in the Republican party was going to continue to be a problem long after Trump’s exit from the political arena:

Stewart flat-out refused to blame the neo-Nazis who organized the Unite The Right rally in Charlottesville, VA, where liberal activist Heather Heyer was murdered by white supremacists. In fact, he was campaigning with Unite The Right organizer Jason Kessler just a month before the rally. After Heyer’s murder, Kessler tweeted (and later deleted), “Heather Heyer was a fat, disgusting Communist. Communists have killed 94 million. Looks like it was payback time.”

In blaming the violence on the left instead of the real perpetrators, Stewart placed himself firmly on the side of Donald Trump and even went so far as to attack any Republican who condemned the Nazis. Stewart also accepted the endorsement of out-and-out neo-Confederates and was aligned with anti-Semetic alt-right candidate Paul Nehlen, calling him one of his “personal heroes” and only distancing himself from the far-right candidate recently.

Following Gillespie’s drubbing by Democrat Ralph Northam in the general election, Trump ripped Gillespie, claiming that he did not “embrace” Trump:

But Gillespie ran a similar campaign to what Stewart’s would have looked like, stoking fears of MS-13 gang violence and attacking illegal immigration and “sanctuary cities.” Gillespie may not have embraced Trump but he certainly embraced Trumpism. Still, Stewart called his defeat “a humiliating rejection of the failed Bush wing of the Republican Party.”

Last night, Stewart eked out a win to become the Republican Party’s nominee for Senate in Virginia, going up against Democrat and 2016 VP candidate Tim Kaine:

He’s called Democrats “crackheads” and “communists” and compared those tearing down monuments to the racist traitors of the Civil War to ISIS:

He’s been running on a straight-up white grievance platform, campaigning with hate symbols like the Confederate flag, saying “Folks, this is a symbol of heritage. It is not a symbol of racism. It is not a symbol of slavery.”

He’s also said that without these monuments to secession and slavery “we lose our identity,” which is pretty rich coming from a guy who was born in Duluth, MN. (For those who aren’t history or geography buffs, Minnesota was decidedly on the side of the North during the Civil War). So much for “the party of Lincoln”!

Stewart’s fans have been launching into “Lock her up!” chants at his rallies and, following his victory, Stewart called for his opponent to be jailed as well:

“That might just happen, by the way. And Timmy too. Oh, we’re going to have a lot of fun between now and November, folks,” Stewart said. Previously he promised to run a “vicious” campaign against Kaine.

Of course, none of that disqualified him from getting a well-earned attaboy from Trump:

The reactions from Twitter ranged from resigned exasperation to outrage:

But Stewart wasn’t the only zealous pro-Trump candidate to win on Tuesday, Katie Arrington defeated frequent Trump critic Mark Sanford in his Congressional primary. It was his first election loss.

It shouldn’t surprise the GOP establishment that by abandoning policy, compromise, and governance in favor of courting racists, conspiracy theorists, and radicals there party has been taken over by one, but here we are. Stewart is just one of many Trump-like candidates running for Senate, including Trump-pardoned racist birther and former sheriff Joe Arpaio in Arizona.

That’s why it’s important to register to vote and turnout in November to send these villains packing. The only thing that can scare the GOP on to a path of redemption is a decisive electoral defeat, so let’s give it to them.