Trump Decides To Just Pretend The Wall Is Real And Being Built

As our senile president, Donald John Trump, continues to decay before our eyes one of the few words he can still say is “wall!”

And he says it a lot.

The promise to build a “big, beautiful wall” out of concrete that would span the U.S.-Mexico border and keep all of the “gangs”, “rapists”, and even the “good people” out of the country was a constant refrain during Trump’s presidential campaign and it’s something he continues to insist upon as the key mission of his presidency. Now after forcing the longest government shutdown in American history and impoverishing hundreds of thousands of federal employees Trump still doesn’t have his wall money so he’s adopting a new tactic:

He’s pretending the wall is happening even though it isn’t.

In a tweetstorm early Thursday morning Trump insisted that the wall was pretty much being built, money or no money.

He also tried to take credit for walls and fences that already exist on the border as if pre-existing structures were somehow a fulfillment of his 2016 promise to his xenophobic base.

Reporters described him as “incoherent” on the issue.

While Trump has backpedalled on the idea of a solid barrier wall at times today he doubled down. He really loves that word.

He then “very sadly” described murder rates in Mexico, returned to ginning up fear about “Humanitarian Crises” on the border, and again insisted that “Wall is being built!”

More murder. More wall. He even tagged noted Fox host and noted blockhead Lou Dobbs and Fox & Friends. Somebody is absolutely THIRSTY for a segment.

Trump then fired off three tweets about China before returning to his favorite topic. Can you guess it? Yes that’s right: WALL.

Trump insisted AGAIN that the wall is already being built.

No thanks to those abortion-loving, money-grubbing-so-they-can-give-it-all-to-poor-people Democrats.

In Trump’s world troops are always massing…caravans are always approaching…it’s the Battle of Helm’s Deep every dang day down in El Paso apparently.

Trump then tweeted out THE EXACT SAME TWEET about Mexico’s murder rates from a few hours earlier, word for word, before quickly deleting the older copy as though 58 million people weren’t watching.

All it all it was quite the angry morning from our baby president. Expect 5 to 97 more rage tweets before nap time.