Trump Deletes Tweet, Gets Sri Lankan Death Toll Wrong By Millions

The grim news broke Easter Sunday that a coordinated terrorist attack in Sri Lanka had targeted three churches and three hotels with bombings, killing hundreds and injuring hundreds more.

Needless to say a massacre on such a scale drew responses from world leaders including Donald Trump, who sent out a supportive tweet.

But what caught people’s eye wasn’t Trump’s condolences but rather the frankly unbelievably incorrect death toll that he cited, with Trump saying the attacks had killed at least “138 million people.”

To be clear the entire population of Sri Lanka is 21 million.

The actual death toll, at the time of this writing, is thought to be around 200 with some 450 others injured.

Trump or his people soon deleted the tweet, adjusting the number from 138 million to 138, which is certainly closer.

To call this a typo is somewhat generous as it’s not a misspelled word. Some wondered if it was a senior moment or just another example of Trump’s pervasive carelessness.

In any case it did not inspire confidence in a world leader entrusted with enormous power and responsibility.

Some questioned Trump’s self-described “very good brain” and his fitness.

Photo Credit: Michael Vadon