Trump’s Advisors Gave Him A Note Saying ‘DO NOT CONGRATULATE’ Putin So He Did It Anyway And Now It’s A Meme

While Donald Trump loves to criticize almost everything, from the people who work for him to his most hated enemies to banal products like Diet Coke, there’s one guy he just can’t bring himself to say a disparaging word about: Vladimir Putin.

Vladimir Putin recently “won” an “election” in Russia (scare quotes because he’s a dictator) and President Trump called him afterwards.

Putin’s big election “win” comes right on the heels of several NATO countries, including the United States, confronting Putin for his suspected role in the murder of a spy on British soil, the latest in a series of aggressive Russian actions towards Western democracies.

But Donald Trump didn’t want to talk about any of that boring stuff, he want’s to let Putin be Putin! That’s why he congratulated the dictator on wining a rigged election.

Offering the lamest defense possible for the president’s failure to criticize Putin after a clearly unfair election, Sarah Huckabee Sanders gave the equivalent of a weak shrug:

Republican Senator John McCain and Democratic House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi both pounced on the milquetoast response:

Then the news broke that Trump’s national security advisors very specifically told him NOT to congratulate Putin on his “victory,” in fact they wrote it IN ALL CAPITAL LETTERS.

Obviously, when this ridiculous news broke, Twitter had a field day.

Some people even suggested that Trump’s predictable refusal to follow advice from experts might mean he’s susceptible to reverse psychology:

Others pointed to the serious ramifications for what this means:

Trump has entered a new era where he no longer feels restricted by experts, even ones he’s charged with advising him on national security issues. We’re entering a new era of the Trump presidency where he’s more unmoored from reality, unhinged, and unfettered by his administration to do what he wants. Call it his ‘Eric Cartman’ phase. Call it his ALL-CAPS phase. Actually, call it whatever you want, just know that nothing good will come of it.