Trump Doesn’t Know How To Color A United States Flag

Trump made a visit to Ohio recently and visited what appears to be an elementary school with his wife Melania (no, not Lebron’s school). But his hopes of finally being one of the smartest people in the room were soon dashed when confronted with a blank American flag to color in.

Eagle-eyed Twitter user @2020fight noticed the president couldn’t seem to figure out the notoriously difficult “red, then white, repeat ’til end” color scheme of the stripes, and chose instead to color one of them blue.

For those who are thinking maybe it’s another child’s flag, here’s the president caught blue-handed ruining Old Glory while a child watches him, silently screaming into his own skull:

This must be especially devastating for Trump, who (as we know) LOVES the flag and cherishes the hell out of it at every opportunity. And who among us can remember how to color a flag from memory? I mean, does the red stripe come first or does the white stripe come first? (Actually, once you get that part down the rest is pretty easy.)

Anyway, to help Trump the next time he finds himself staring blankly at a blank American flag I made this handy color-by-number cheat sheet for him:

1 = Red like your favorite hat, buddy!
2 = White like your favorite color of people!
3 = Blue like the symbolic color of melancholy one might feel a twinge of when reminded their father never loved them (before burying that feeling of course).

Hope that helps Mr. President! And remember to stay inside the lines, Mueller’s got enough on you already.