Trump’s Education Secretary Met With The Parkland Teens And It Did Not Go Well

The Trump administration is engaging with the survivors of the Parkland massacre after having a somewhat embarrassing listening session last month where the president was caught using a cheat sheet that said “I hear you.” Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos traveled to the school on Wednesday and it probably could have gone better!

You may remember Secretary DeVos as the blank-brained billionaire who defended putting guns in schools citing potential “grizzly attacks” in Wyoming.

The Amway heiress announced she was going to meet with the survivors of the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida and the reactions to that news are… not good:

In fact, the Parkland teens were pretty pissed about it:

According to students, DeVos didn’t really answer many questions:

She also said the student newspaper was “following her”:

But hey, at least we can all agree that DeVos was brave just for going to a school without any guns:

h/t: Huffington Post