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Trump Got Fact-Checked By His Own Agency With A Cartoon Easy Enough For A Child To Understand

If you live somewhere in the northern half of the United States, you’re probably bracing for a dose of cold weather from the polar vortex surging southward this week. The arctic blast is set to send temperatures plunging into the negatives in much of the midwest.

But weather obviously isn’t the same as climate, and a pocket of cold air in a portion of the globe doesn’t tell you a lot about the overall picture. Unless, of course, you’re the pudding-brained moron in the Oval Office.

Trump tweeted his usual “if global warming is real, why is it cold right now?” bit which sounds like a slam dunk to MAGA types but makes climate scientists collectively sigh hard enough to produce an early El Niño.


Thankfully, the folks at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration are still very professional and subtweeted a helpful explainer for the president, complete with a cartoon so he might actually learn something:

As you can see, rising ocean temperatures produce more moisture. When the moisture combines with arctic temperatures you get more snowfall:


Makes sense, right?

As for the increased incidence of polar vortices punishing the northern U.S., that too could be caused by global warming. Scientists think warmer temperatures could be splitting up the frigid polar vortex, which usually hangs out around the North Pole. Disrupting the vortex causes the winds to split and move south, punishing the United States with brutal cold and punishing the rest of us with stupid “global warming” takes from MAGA nation.

As you can see from this map, global warming is still very much a thing and very much a threat—even when it’s winter here:

University of Maine Climate Change Institute

h/t: NOAA, CBS News