Trump Fan Tries To Bash Obama But Gets Owned By Marine Instead

Trump fans like to think that they’re the only ones who love America, but obviously, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Someone not being a fan of President Trump doesn’t mean that they’re unpatriotic, it just means that they don’t like having a racist, sexist blowhard of questionable sanity in charge of the country.

In the subReddit Murdered By Words, user jack_zonk posted a screengrab of a conversation between a man who insulted President Obama on Facebook by calling him a “pussy” and a Marine who owned the dude with his scathing response.

The post from the Obama-hater reads:

We had a pussy for 8 years as a president now that we have a President that is for the Amrican People, you all attack him. North Korea was allowed to produce nuclear weapons, while a Muslim President was weak and allowed countries to see us as weak. North Korea fires 1 missile they need to be taken out. This Country Will Never Back Down Again.

Wow, a Muslim president?! This man really seems on top of facts.

Anyway, despite the fact that this man clearly has no idea what he’s talking about, a Marine responded to the post, tearing the guy apart.

The Marine’s response reads:

I served as a US Marine under President Obama, and there was nothing “pussy” about the man. Not everything was a dick measuring contest or an opportunity to show everyone how awesome he was. The way Trump is addressing North Korea is dangerous, foolish, and anything but presidential. This is not how men in his position should be acting, and I think you’re confusing false bravado and chest-pounding with poise and sound leadership. Happens a lot with you people. The man could fart into a microphone and you’d mistake it for MLK’s “I Have a Dream” speech.

I take offense to his actions because he’s gambling with my life, those of my brothers and sisters serving worldwide, and the civilian populace. Maybe if he didn’t receivefive draft deferments during Vietnam and actually served rather than being a chickenhawk he’d understand how devastating war is. I’d trust a veteran Call of Duty player more than Trump and his trailer trash, inbred, mayonnaise sandwich-eating rhetoric.

Have you already spoken to a military recruiter and will you be backing up your beliefs with sacrifice and action? Of course not, that’s what people like me are for. You all bang the war drum in the cozy confines of your home, knowing myself and many others will have to abandon our lives – again – to further advance the military industrial complex while assuaging the insecurities of a petty man.

Also, I only mention being a Marine to reinforce my opinion based off ample experience. While it is appreciated, I’m not looking for kudos.

The Marine who wrote the response posted a comment on the Reddit post revealing himself.

His user name is Vagynablender (um) and he wrote,

If anyone’s curious, I’m the guy who wrote the reply in this post. I was working in DC at the time for the DoD, and woke up to three or four friends’ texts asking if I’d seen my reply went viral. I had no idea what they were talking about, until they sent me the screenshot. I wrote it with absolutely zero intention of it going anywhere, and went about my life as normal. I’m not a terribly political person and truly attempt to respect the views of everyone, regardless of ideology. However, when I see this level of wanton ignorance I can’t help but jump into the fray.

As you can see from the image, the journalist who posted this did a fucking terrible job of blacking my name out. Not to mention leaving my pic with that sweet Donkey Kong sweater intact.

Anywho, thanks for sharing. Be good to each other.

Other people on Reddit cheered for his brilliant rebuttal to the Trump-obsessed man who wrote the post.

One person, bridie9797 wrote, “Mate, you brilliantly put into words what I could only eye-roll in annoyance when my MIL said the same thing about Obama.” Another (Wildcar_d) said, “Your reply was perfection. Not only was it sharp and genuine, but, as others have said, it epitomizes the sub and the reason we come here. Thank you!”

User wildflowersummerwrote, “Marry me! Seriously, you are the epitome of what I like to think a true American is. Intelligent, honest, brave (thank you for your service, truly , even though you’re not looking for it) and not falling for Trump’s ignorant moron parade. Thank you for putting into words what most of us are feeling.”

Vagynablender (sigh) also mentioned that the original poster never wrote back to his comment. Figures. He was probably on his way to the burn unit.

h/t Reddit/Murdered By Words


Written by Dean

Dean Altman is a writer living in NYC.