Trump’s Die-Hard Fans Aren’t Buying His ‘Witch-Hunt’ Claims Anymore

Even the most ardent Donald Trump loyalists are started to question the president’s oft-repeated “witch hunt” claims in the wake of the campaign law violations presented by special counsel Robert Mueller last week, reports Axios.

The outlet indicated that top officials within the administration have voiced fears regarding fallout from the Mueller investigation “and are growing more anxious about Trump’s re-election prospects.” Trump’s most fanatical fans, the “hardcore MAGA [Make America Great Again] online influencers” who have until now willfully ignored every Mueller accusation were similarly “rattled” by last week’s court filings.

Axios’ source, referred to as a Trump loyalist, claimed that even the Trump diehards “start looking at the legal stuff and have a hard time dismissing it all.” The source added that though these folks are “the people most predisposed to believing the ‘witch hunt’ rhetoric,” the charges leveled against Individual-1—widely believed to be Trump—have them “now expressing real concerns.”

And they aren’t so much worried about election meddling as they are about the hush-money payments former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen made to porn star Stormy Daniels and former Playboy model Karen McDougal.

“I think SDNY [the Southern District of New York, where prosecutors said Trump directed Michael Cohen to make hush-money payments to women] has changed people’s perceptions,” said the Axios source.

“That’s viewed as a greater potential threat to Trump directly than Mueller. ‘Collusion’ is still met with eye rolls,” the Trump fan continued. “And even MAGA loyalists are asking why Trump feels the need to go on Twitter with bizarre legal explanations that don’t seem to help.”

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