Trump Finally Weighs In On The ‘Fake Melania’ Conspiracy Theory And Makes It Even Weirder

President Trump finally weighed in on the “Fake Melania” conspiracy theory floating around the internet, and he managed to turn it into a slam on the media.

The conspiracy theory that a Melania Trump body double occasionally stands in for the real First Lady popped up in late 2017, thanks in part to a guy who promotes CBD products on the internet.

Now the theory is back (thanks in part to the same guy).

Photos of the first couple visiting Alabama last week reignited the “Fake Melania” theories this time around and it’s beginning to seem like FLOTUS can’t put on a pair of sunglasses without someone breaking out the red yarn and bulletin board.

The ladies at The View devoted an entire segment to the phenomenon and while most of them were unconvinced, Sunny Hostin had some questions.

“The Secret Service has denied the use of body doubles, but then I started thinking, well of course they deny it, because then they could never do it,” Hostin said.

Fox & Friends picked up the segment and criticized The View hosts as “mean girls” who were gripped by “jealously.” Fox & Friend Tammy Bruce said,

“When you’re in college or high school, there is the pretty girl who is nice, and you go with the marker to mark up her locker and then you gossip about her, call her names. That is what these adult women were doing to the first lady. With it did, reminds us of their jealousy, envy, the fact they have nothing else to do other than being mean. That is the only answer.”

Or they’re just trying to fill an hour with topical garbage that’s not so incendiary that Meghan McCain has to call in sick, but go off.

President Trump seems to have watched the Fox & Friends segment during his latest “executive time,” because he fired off a tweet shortly after.

Oddly, Trump accused the “fake news” media of photoshopping pictures, which does not appear to be true. But if he’s saying the photos of Real Melania have been doctored then he must not think it looks like his wife either, so what is he covering up, hmm?? (Nothing, he’s just a vain, pathological liar.)

The Fake Melania thing is funny, but it makes no sense and doesn’t matter. (Sorry to burst any bubbles!) The reality is that Melania Trump supports her husband, who is a racist liar and the president of the United States. It’s definitely a screwed up reality, but it’s the one we live in.

h/t: Mediaite, The View