Trump Forced To Sell Off 2 Paintings Of Himself And His Football Helmet At A $40,000 Loss

After the decision to shut down the Donald J. Trump foundation due to a lawsuit alleging that it funneled money away from actually helping people and directly into Trump’s pockets, the alleged charity is selling off its remaining assets and donating the money. This is part of an agreement between the foundation and the New York Attorney General’s office, not something the Trumps are doing out of the (alleged) goodness of their hearts.

Three items of note in the upcoming auction are two paintings of Donald Trump that he commissioned for a total of $30,000 and a Denver Broncos football helmet signed by quarterback Tim Tebow that Trump bought for $12,000.

Altogether, these three items are now valued at $975 according to a recent IRS report filed by the charity. The football, at least, might make more money than its reported value at auction. No word yet about whether anyone in the world wants a painting of Donald Trump.

The “agreement” between the Trump Foundation and the New York Attorney General’s office will allow the charity (and its founders) to avoid the worst of New York Attorney General Barbara Underwood’s wrath after what she called a “shocking pattern of illegality.” Her office, however, will still be pursuing the $2.8 million lawsuit that also seeks to bar Trump and his children from ever serving on another board of a New York charity.

The entire ordeal is providing Twitter with enough fodder for $2.8 million worth of jokes.

It’s unclear whether the ongoing investigation into the Donald J. Trump Foundation will lead to charges against him or any of his kids who helped run it. With all the other Trump organizations and dealings under investigation, it might not be necessary to send them all to prison for the rest of their lives