Trump Freaks Out After Report He Committed A Felony, Blames ‘Lying’ Cohen

Late Thursday night BuzzFeed released a bombshell story that currently has both Twitter and the president melting down.

The report claims that Trump’s business ties with Russia relating to the construction of a Trump Tower in Moscow went on much longer than he has maintained and, most damningly, that Trump directed his former attorney Michael Cohen to lie to Congress about his ongoing Russia contacts.

Predictably Trump lashed out on Twitter quoting Fox News to say that Cohen was at fault for everything and asserting that Cohen is now making things up to reduce his three-year prison sentence, adding:

“Lying to reduce his jail time! Watch father-in-law!”

According to the BuzzFeed reporters who broke the story they are very confident in their sources (which probably aren’t Cohen to begin with).

A White House spokesperson would not deny the BuzzFeed report when asked directly by Fox News.

Representative Ted Lieu, of California, suggested that Trump’s tweet itself may constitute a felony, to say nothing of the actual obstruction of justice reported by BuzzFeed, presumably because it could be read as an attempt to intimidate Cohen.

Lieu followed up with another tweet explaining his reasoning.

Considering every day brings a fresh new hell – like yesterday’s news that Cohen paid for a Twitter account to be created that would call him handsome and cool – it’s impossible to know where this will all lead.

Nevertheless folks on Twitter were feeling hopeful after the bombshell BuzzFeed report. They openly mocked Trump about it and #PresidentPelosi was soon trending among those who believe that if Trump goes down he’ll take Pence with him, leaving Pelosi third in line for the throne, as it were.

Now everyone stay calm, stay tuned, and let the soothing words of Dan Rather wash over you.

As they say: Tomorrow will be worse.

Image Credit: Michael Vadon