Trump Furious That Bernie Was On Fox News

Donald Trump appears to be both angry and confused by the Bernie Sanders town hall on Fox News Monday night, judging by the fact that he posted about Sanders four times in one day after pretty much ignoring him for years. He called it “weird” to watch “Crazy Bernie” on his favorite show, seemed displeased that Fox anchor Bret Baier and the “audience” (quotation marks are Trump’s) were smiling at some points, and finished the tweet with “and now we have @donnabrazile?”

If you’re confused, and you probably are, Fox News is apparently looking to hire former Democratic National Committee chair Donna Brazile as a regular contributor to the network. When Trump gets upset, you never know what subjects are going to jump on board a vaguely related topic.

Later, Trump posted three in a row about Bernie, first claiming that Fox News for some reason stuffed the audience with Bernie fans and left “Many Trump Fans & Signs” outside, while also claiming that he personally revitalized the town that the town hall took place in and also thanked himself in the third person.

He followed up by saying that Bernie should pay the pre-Trump tax rate on his income, which was recently revealed when Bernie released his tax returns (while Trump still hasn’t), even though the Senator voted against the rich people tax cuts. This might seem fair at first glance, but let’s be real – do we really want more money in the hands of the Trump administration? He’d just use it for his wall.

Lastly, Trump doubled down on the “Crazy Bernie Sanders” nickname to declare his prediction for the Democratic primaries.

Is Trump planning on passing a law that requires all failed presidential candidates be executed? That’s quite a gamble for the man celebrating an inflated approval rating of 53 percent.

Trump has good reason to be confused and furious (confurious), as the “audience” for last night’s town hall was quite supportive of Bernie in spite of Fox News’ reputation as a right-wing mouthpiece that likes to stack anything it does full of its most brainwashed conservative followers. It wasn’t all good for Bernie, as he was heckled and frequently interrupted while trying to answer questions asked by Turning Point USA coordinators and other far-right plants. However, things took a turn that left the Fox News pundits stunned when the audience cheered for Bernie’s vision of Medicare For All.

And that was just after Bret Baier asked the crowd if they would be willing to switch to a Medicare For All kind of programs.

Even as Martha MacCallum continuously interrupted and tried to derail anything Bernie said about healthcare, the minute he said “you’re not gonna pay any health insurance premiums,” the crowd went wild.

It’s no wonder Trump is feeling alarmed and threatened by this town hall. Not only is Medicare For All a popular concept that is getting more bipartisan support among the common people daily, Bernie Sanders himself keeps coming out ahead of Trump in the polls. Even the latest Fox News polls are showing that Bernie (and Joe Biden) are more popular than Trump.

Is Fox News actually looking at real data and turning away from Trump? It doesn’t seem likely, but let’s look at that Trump tweet again.

Very strange indeed, Trump. Could it be that Bernie Sanders is simply a far better politician and smarter, more likable human being than you ever could be? Uh oh.

Lefty Twitter is definitely enjoying the uncertainty in this tweet.

Meanwhile, righty Twitter was as upset and confused as Donny, and are starting to turn on Fox News, calling it “CNN-lite.”

Replace “wuv” with “the American people preferring good policy over grandiosity and bullying” and this gif is a perfect representation of Trump and his die-hard fans right now: