Trump Is Back On Twitter Trying To Gaslight Us About The Mueller Indictments

In case you missed it, Special Counsel Robert Mueller dropped 13 indictments last week, detailing the massive Russian operation to throw the 2016 election to Donald Trump. The indictments show the sophisticated, well-funded effort involved recruiting unwitting American accomplices (including some on the Trump campaign), Russian trolls posing as Americans online, and ads purchased across a variety of social media platforms.

President Trump let some tweets fly today to try to gaslight the American people into believing the disturbing indictments say something that they just plain don’t.

First of all, saying “I saw all the Facebook ads and can now draw conclusions about the entirety of the Russian misinformation campaign” is ridiculous. It’s like saying “I saw all the yards signs with candidate names on them I can definitively say that they are both running positive campaigns about boosting their name recognition and not attacking one another.” Or put another way: “I’ve seen icebergs floating above water and they’re tiny!”

We now the the Russian campaign wasn’t just a few ad buys. It was a sprawling misinformation campaign involving bot networks, hundreds of Russians posing as Americans, identify theft, money laundering, and at least tens of millions of dollars in funding.

In some ways the question isn’t whether the Trump campaign colluded with Russians to swing the election, but whether Trump was colluding with the massive Russian campaign to get him elected.

Facebook is one social media platform and the Russians ran ads across several. Also, the Russians spent around $100,000 on Facebook ads, a drop in a bucket compared to the tens of millions the Russians spent on other operations. Additionally, running Facebook ads wasn’t even the bulk of their activity on Facebook. The indictments reveal that Russians were posing as Americans, setting up Facebook groups, and using those groups as cover to recruit other Americans to unwittingly do their bidding.

Finally, and I cannot say this enough, THIS WAS ONE ROUND OF INDICTMENTS AND IT’S RELATIVELY EARLY IN THE INVESTIGATION. Drawing conclusions about what Mueller knows or what he’s going to uncover is like turning off an episode of Law & Order before the second commercial break.

In fact, Goldman got roasted so hard on Twitter he eventually corrected his bullshit