Trump Gets KO’d In Just One Tweet For Saying He Could Take Biden In A Fist Fight

Recently, former Vice President and Internet Sweetheart Joe Biden lambasted current President Donald Trump in front of University of Miami college democrats for his infamous and still appalling Hollywood Access tape statements regarding certain parts of the female anatomy.

More accurately, Biden said he could take him in a fistfight. His exact words were, “If we were in high school, I’d take him behind the gym and beat the hell out of him.” The president was too busy fulfilling his executive duties to bother responding to a taunt so callow. Ha ha! No. Trump responded with a tweet promising he could totally take Biden, who would “go down fast and hard, crying all the way.”

This is what passes for news in 2018.

Naturally, everybody and their mother felt the need to weigh in. This hypothetical battle would, after all, be the septuagenarian fight of the century! One such somebody was a Chance the Rapper fan, who shared their thoughts on who would triumph in this presidential skirmish. A fan account of the Chicago-born rapper delivered a burn so severe it almost makes you feel sympathy for President Stable Genius:

“If you were to fight Joe Biden, he would win simply by pushing you to the ground. Your lack of a center of gravity, massive weight, and bone spurs would buckle under the force.” Ouch.

People began to coattail on the insult, relishing the opportunity to blast Trump’s own, err, anatomical parts:

Others simply couldn’t believe this was a real tweet written by the President of the United States.

Or that he couldn’t find anything better to do with his time:

Mostly though, people partook in some good old-fashioned Twitter savagery: