Trump Gets Mocked For Claiming Planes Are ‘Too Complex’ To Fly

Recently, a Boeing 737 Max 8 airplane crashed en route to Kenya from Ethiopia killing everyone on board. It was the second crash of a 737 Max 8—a relatively new aircraft—in the last 6 months, which caused some alarm and prompted a handful of countries to ground the aircraft pending safety investigations.

While details remain fuzzy, the cause of the crash could be an autopilot system that was tweaked to compensate for a redesign of the plane. The tweak was made after Boeing altered the design ofthe plane, giving it a tendency to pitch upwards. Boeing has announced an autopilot software update for April and the National Transportation Safety Board is aiding the investigation into the Ethiopian Airlines crash.

Of course, President Trump has his own theory about why the Boeing 737 Max 8 is unsafe—planes have become “too complex to fly.”

But the “greater cost” for Boeing would have been in creating a new airplane from scratch. Instead the manufacturer modified an older design, leading to the pitching problem and autopilot patch to solve it.

Trump got mocked for his “new fangled flying contraptions!” tweet:

Trump may feel he’s got skin in the game when it comes to plane safety, though. He tried to take credit for the lack of commercial airline deaths in 2017 last year.

Meanwhile, in the real adult world, U.S. lawmakers are increasingly calling on the FAA to ground Boeing 737 Max 8 aircraft operating in the United States until the safety of the plane can be guaranteed.

h/t: Slate, Gizmodo