Trump Gets Roasted For Claiming To Be Hardest Working President Ever

Donald Trump is a compulsive liar.

He lies constantly and about easily disprovable things. When presented with reality he will simply deny that reality is real if it refutes his claim.

It’s kind of his whole shtick.

So no one was particularly surprised when our mendacious president took to Twitter on Monday morning and claimed to be the hardest working president in history, while simultaneously blaming his predecessors for making him work so hard.

The ridiculous boast came just two tweets after another missive in which Trump shared a meme claiming he has a 50% approval rating and added “Working hard, thank you!”

Meanwhile Trump has gone golfing so frequently in his young presidency (over 150 times) that there’s an entire website dedicated to tracking how often the POTUS blows off running the country to go smack some balls and to counting the millions of dollars his excursions have cost taxpayers.

Furthermore Trump’s copious amounts of scheduled “executive time” have been well-documented and appear to mainly consist of him watching basic cable and rage-tweeting about it.

1. Needless to say the response to Trump’s claim was merciless and swift.





6. He was challenged on the facts, those pesky things.





People challenged his claims that he inherited “a mess”…