Trump Gets Roasted For Making A Delicious Basic Spelling Error

Ever since the Mueller investigation concluded Trump has been crowing about how it “totally exonerates” him (which in fact remains to be seen) and playing the role he enjoys most of all: the victim.

In a tweet that echoed complaints from his Bible-thumping supporter Jerry Falwell Jr. Trump complained that the investigation into his campaign’s connections to Russia had stolen two years of his presidency from him.

Except he spelled it “stollen” instead of stolen, bravely defying autocorrect once again.

The tweet was later deleted and corrected by screenshots are forever.

As many…many people pointed out “stollen” is actually a word…for a traditional German baked good served on Christmas.

Trump also retweeted Falwell’s complaint which included the wild suggestion that Trump be GIVEN two extra years on his term because of the time stollen/stolen from him by what Falwell called a “corrupt failed coup.”

Of course this isn’t the first time Trump has tweeted out an egregious typo to his 50 million Twitter followers…not by a long shot.

h/t: HuffPost