Trump Getting Roasted For Skipping Roast

Donald Trump has announced that he’ll be skipping the annual White House Correspondents’ Dinner for the third year in a row because he’s a big, twitchy baby who can’t handle people making fun of him.

Trump apparently thinks fleeing from comedians with his oversized tie between his legs is a good look because he even retweeted a video of himself saying he’d be skipping the event to hold a rally instead, calling the dinner “so boring and so negative.”

But if Trump thinks he can duck mockery by not attending the event he is sorely mistaken. As the last two years hosts Michelle Wolf and Hasan Minaj proved, the comedians are going to make fun of him whether he’s there or not.

In fact thanks to Trump’s cowardly decision to avoid the event yet again the roasting has already begun.

First up was 2018 Correspondents’ Dinner host, comedian Michelle Wolf, who made reference to Trump’s recent wild claim that windmills cause cancer.

And the roasts kept coming.

People also couldn’t resist roasting Trump for claiming that he didn’t like the “negative” annual tradition because he likes “positive things.”

While most observers simply mocked Trump, some were more blunt in their assessment of his non-attendance.


It’s hard to believe that back in 2011 Trump actually participated in an entire special called “The Comedy Central Roast Of Donald Trump” and sat there grinning while comedians tore into him.

It seems power has only made him pricklier.

Photo Credit: Michael Vadon