Trump Goes On Bizarre Twitter Rant After Cohen Sentenced To Three Years

As he so often does President Donald Trump started his day by waking up bright and early and immediately rage-tweeting.

He started off by claiming that his immigration policies were perfectly on track and that Mexico WOULD be paying for The Wall™ despite no evidence existing in support of that outlandish claim.

Then he moved on to releasing a hot stream of tweets that were clearly brewing in him since news broke yesterday that his former fixer Michael Cohen had been sentenced to three years in prison…a conviction with potentially huge consequences for Cohen’s main client….Donald Trump.

He started by throwing Cohen under the bus.

Trump then claimed that Cohen’s guilty charges were all just a scheme get a lighter sentence and to “embarrass” him which makes you wonder if he understands the severity of the situation…

This one, in which Trump claims the FBI overrode…”the FBI” in the case of Michael Flynn, is just confusing and probably a presidential brain fart.

And of course he capped off his rant with one of his greatest hits because you’ve got to give the fans what they want.

As ever, the internet had some thoughts.

And some memes.